We lead the railway sector. We develop every sort of solution.

More than 6000 vehicles have been protected by eee all over the world.

360º Solutions

Our innovation spirit to develop new safety applications makes us different.

We have broad experience and specialization in the creation of Integral Fire Protection Systems in the railway area. These include control, detection and extinction of fires, as well as immunity to false alarms.


For every kind of vehicles

We develop solutions which are implemented in an extense variety of vehicles, such as conventional trains, high speed trains, trams, underground… We protect vehicles all over the entire world.

Refurbish or update?

Our solutions are completely commutable and compatible.

They offer control and functionality. Many times, refurbishing one part of the implemented solution is key and more than enough to give a second life to your system and transform an old train into a safe and updated vehicle.

Training and support

We train our clients in the solutions we implement.

360º Training
We train in every area, from design and definition, to reviewing and maintenance of the detectors.
Updated documentation
Extensive updated documents and many other resources always available.
Customer Area Access

Our clients support us

Chief executive in railway manufacturer company

We have been more than 15 years working and implementing eee solutions. The development and implementation methodology, as well as their training and support offer once the project is deployed, really make a difference.

Commited to safety

In almost 40 years of  journey of eee, our systems have obtained many approvals and certificates.

Our solutions are designed and developed bearing in mind the following directives and regulations.


We are waiting for you